Wellness Massage

60 Minutes $60

30 Minute Stress Buster $30

15 Minutes $15
Focus On Arms & Hands or Legs & Feet

10 Minutes — FREE  Have a differently abled or anxious child or teen who needs time to become familiar with a new environment? Try massage out on hands or feet and take time to get familiar with Sugar Space Wellness.

Reiki Energy Therapy

60 Minutes $60

30 Minute Stress Buster $30

15 Minutes $20

Massage & Reiki Packages

3 Session Package  $160

6 Session Package  $320 

10 Session Package  $500 


What is meditation? How do you set up a practice? 

Introduction to meditation $25 / half hour

Need some accountability? Need help setting up your practice? 

Looking for in person guided meditations to keep you focused? 

Medication Coaching $20 / half hour

Having a hard day? Need to recenter?

Drop in meditation session $10 / 15 minutes